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SMEs Boot Camp

More than a service ... The beginning of change.

Built for Enterprise

A boot camp that aims to assist your company in developing an innovative working environment based on your goals, achievements, and challenges. The boot camp will focus on building a strategic plan for your company. 
This service will solve business challenges with pre-built solutions that will provide clear visibility and instant business value for your company. Due to the continuous changes in the labor market and the challenges facing SMEs, Youth Vision will manage and implement the SMEs boot camp to help them achieve their goals and develop new strategies.

Why A boot Camp ?

We at Youth Vision have been benefiting from boot camps since 2015 and based on our experience, we have noticed that:


of the KPIs have been achieved annually.


Increase in the number of clients.


Increase in the annual income.


Improvement in the documentation system.


Development of employees tasks and follow-up system.


Development of project management and HR systems.


Established an advisory board and a strategic planning team.


Annual development in the company’s marketing strategy.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Empower Everyone, Adapt to Anything


How can an SME

benefit from this service?

  1. Strategic plan for the coming years.

  2. Organize the company’s operational mechanism.

  3. Plan and develop the programs/products/services of the company.

  4. The right mechanism to develop the company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    as well as the departments and employees follow-up system.

  5. An administrative and operational system based on the services the company provides.

  6. Raise the employee’s work efficiency.

  7. Find innovative solutions for the company’s internal challenges


Achievements and Challenges Analysis of the year


  1. Personality test for the employees in the work environment

  2.  Review the company’s KPIs

  3.  Review the company’s Projects/products

  4. Review the communication methods used by the company (internally & externally)

Company Analysis


  1. SWOT

  2. PESTEL 

  3. Financial 

  4. Digital marketing

Departments Development

  1. Develop the department’s strategic and operational plan.

  2. Develop departments KPIs and follow up system.

  3. Connect department KPIs with the company’s goals

Management and Processes

  1. Create and implement operation guidelines

  2. Create and implement different systems such as Project management, HR, employees follow up, cross-functional teams.

Professional Services

We offer a complete set of professional services including team building and workshops such as:

  • leadership workshop

  • Critical thinking/ Design thinking workshops

  • Innovation Culture workshop

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  • Consulting 

  • Mentorship 

  • Customized workshops based on the company’s needs

Notes: The purchased service can be paid in instalments

Price: 400 OMR

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