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 Leadership Academy

A program that discovers and empowers youth to be qualified leaders, managers, and employees through a set of challenges designed by Youth Vision’s team. This program is designed to develop the employee’s skills by mainly focusing on their personality, leadership, and soft skills. We believe that the success of any organization starts from a good leader who professionally communicates with his team.


Empower the next generation of the Sultanate of Oman.

Encourage the youth of Oman to become professional leaders.

Create a lead generation that can analyze and solve problems in a creative way then implement.

Build a form of trust and capability in the participants


Expected outcomes and impact

  1. Set up a development path plan for department  

  2. Role models and leader for the Youth of Oman.

  3. Lead organizations with a successful strategy in the future in Oman.

Target group: employees

Leadership Style

  1. Start with WHY\ Self-Awareness

  2. Types of leadership

  3. Life Goal \ plan

  4. Emotional Intelligence


  1. Personal Branding

  2. Communicating with Managers/Teams

  3. Professional Communication 

  4. Digital Communication


  1. Critical Thinking 

  2. Culture Innovation 

  3. Design Thinking 

  4. Innovative Education Services


Future Leaders

1- Moral leaders 

2- Social impact and sustainability SDGs  

3- Influencer Leaders 

4- Infinite Game concept



1- Define and plan 

2- Execute

3-  Evaluate and close

Leadership Skills

1- Decision making 

2- Attract Talent 

3- Collaboration 

4- Problem solving 



1- Long-life learning 

2- Mentoring and coaching 

3- Entrepreneurial thinking 

4- Public speaking


  1. Consulting 

  2. Mentorship 

  3. Camping


Notes: The purchased service can be paid in instalments

Price: upon request

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