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199 Extra 

A training boot camp for fresh employees.

Let's make leaders

Is a 5-days intensive boot camp program followed by a 3-month mentorship program designed for new-entry employees. The aim of this program is to train and qualify new employees with a set of necessary soft skills that are essential to succeed in the workplace in order to level-up their abilities and skills in an interactive and practical way.

5 training days

2 nights camping trip

3 month mentorship program

Why you need 199 Extra  ?

Gen Z

Generation Z grew up with digital technology, but no matter how skilled they are at technology, they are still entry-level employees with entry-level skills.

Hard Skills

Most graduates are armed with a base level of hard skills, However, colleges typically don’t teach how to write a business email, how to manage time, or how to adapt to an ever-changing work environment.


89% of respondents stated that bad hires typically lack the needed soft skills, with the cost of bad hiring averaging at least 30% of the individual’s first-year expected earnings.

 *LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Recruiting Trends report.

Unquantified costs

Time consumed in interviewing, recruiting and training, impact on the team and risk of diminished customer service are unquantified costs for bad hiring.

Business Meeting

Designed specifically to suit fresh graduates


After the program, your employee will be able to:

  1.  Communicate more effectively with each other, and with other clients and customers as well as tackle difficult conversations.

  2. Delegate, provide and accept feedback, take responsibility and motivate themselves and others.

  3. Recoginse problems and potential barriers to projects, tasks, and goals. They will also be able to identify and implement solutions or offer alternative fixes.

  4.  Think creatively and critically in order to make decisions.

  5. Collaborate and work together in order to meet the company’s goals and objectives.

  6. Understand, express and manage good relationships and solve problems under pressure as well as increase their resilience and awareness towards self and others.

How is this program different?

Designed specifically to suit fresh graduates.

Interactive, youth-oriented and practical, using real-life experiences and tools.

Each employee will be assigned to an experienced mentor for guidance and support.

The program will focus on three sets of skills, based on the most required soft skills in the workplace.

Communication skills

  • Business writing

  • Public speaking & presentation skills

  • Teamwork

  • Conflict management

Management skills:

  • Design thinking & innovation

  • Project Management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Personal financial planning

  • Leadership

  •  Productivity and effectiveness  

Personal effectiveness skills

  • Time Management

  • Problem-solving & critical thinking

  • Adaptability/ resilience/ stress management

  • Career goals

  • Work ethics and values

  • Target group: Fresh employees

  • Age: 24-28

  • Nationalities: Omani

  • Full program duration: 10 months 

  • Number of participants in each batch: 20 

  • Language: Arabic

For more information 

Hussain Al-Buloshi

Projects Management Specialist

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